Young Innovators: Sekolah Tinta Students Excel at First Lego League Superpowered Challenge

SHAH ALAM, 10 AUGUST 2023 – The young minds of Sekolah Tinta have once
again demonstrated their brilliance and creativity at the esteemed First Lego League
competition. Participants Zayd Aaqil bin Nazrudin, Ahmad Salahaddin bin Ahmad Redza,
and Muhammad Ammar bin Muhammad Ihsan, under the guidance of Teacher Wan Mohamad
Akmal Hakim bin Wan Mohd Azmi, achieved a remarkable success in the Superpowered
Challenge category.

First Lego League, a renowned robotics competition, offers a platform for students to explore
through innovative Lego building. This year’s Superpowered Challenge category delved into the
fascinating world of energy, encompassing various energy sources, storage, and distribution

The students from Sekolah Tinta begin this challenge with boundless enthusiasm and
determination. Their journey of exploration and discovery led them to develop innovative solutions
that impressed both judges and peers alike.
The Principal, Dr. Haliza, expressed her pride in the students’ accomplishments, stating, “We are
extremely proud of our students’ dedication and teamwork in the First Lego League
Superpowered Challenge. Their passion for learning and problem-solving truly embodies the spirit
of Sekolah Tinta.”

The First Lego League experience goes beyond technical skills, nurturing critical thinking,
collaboration, and creativity among the participants. The school’s STEM educator, Wan Mohamad
Akmal Hakim, who guided the students for this competition said, “Through this competition, our
students were encouraged to think outside the box and explore the possibilities of renewable and
sustainable energy sources.”

At Sekolah Tinta, we believe in providing a dynamic learning environment that fosters curiosity
and nurtures young innovators. Our students’ participation in the First Lego League reflects our
commitment to empowering them with the skills and knowledge to become future leaders and
innovators in STEM fields.

About Sekolah Tinta

Established in 2017, Sekolah Tinta is a model S.T.E.M school in Malaysia that offers KSSR and
KSSM curriculum with full-fledged S.T.E.M program for primary and secondary students. The
school celebrates ideas, technology and innovation that are inspired by the core disciplines of
S.T.E.M which includes Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, alongside the
human values to be applied in real life. Sekolah Tinta has collaborated with renowned S.T.E.M
organisations such as MDEC, UiTM, and more.

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