Secondary School

Realisasi Idea

The establishment of Tinta Secondary School provides opportunities for students from Form 1 to Form 5 to realise their ideas and shape their DREAMS, thus becoming the future leaders of our nation. Moreover, they become catalysts for creative innovations and pioneers in the development of technology, manufacturing, and services sectors within the country, in line with the National Education Philosophy and the demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Tinta Secondary School adopts the Malaysian Standard Curriculum for Secondary Schools (KSSM) from Form 1 to Form 5. To achieve the goals and objectives, Tinta Secondary School emphasises in-depth learning and Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) becomes the forefront in teaching and learning approach. 



The implementation of STEM education at Sekolah Tinta integrates not only in-depth knowledge, skills, and applications in core KSSR and KSSM subjects, but students will also experience standalone STEM Robotics and Computer Science subjects. Students are exposed to creating relevant and balanced projects that suit their abilities within designated levels. 

Three (3) main elements in the implementation of STEM projects at Sekolah Tinta are as follows:

  1. Inquiry-based learning
  2. Project-based learning
  3. Real-life based learning in a real-world context


Form 1

Microbit + Map Mission

Form 2

Mechanical & Electronic Projects + Microbit Sensor

Form 3

Mechanical & Electronic Projects + Coding C++ Arduino Ide (Intermediate)

Form 4

Mechanical & Electronics Projects using Python

Form 5

Mechanical & Electronics Projects using Python (Intermediate)

Computer Science

Form 1

Robotic Programme + 3D Design

Form 2

Robotic Programme + Coding C++ Arduino Ide (Intermediate)

Form 3

Webpage: Javascript + Game Based Coding

Form 4

Coding Python (Beginner)

Form 5

Coding Python (Intermediate)

Exciting Activities

Engaging activities designed for secondary school students emphasising positive social interactions, teamwork, leadership development, and self-discovery. Students will be exposed to various fields of knowledge through experiential learning, guidance, and a more holistic approach. Planned activities include:

  • Educational Field Trips
  • Entrepreneurship Day 
  • Student Exhibition 
  • Sports Day 
  • Co-Curricular Camp 
  • Performances 
  • Language Week 
  • Motivation & Leadership Camp
  • Skills Workshops
  • Industry Exploration
  • Humanitarian & Volunteer Programs
  • Financial Management
  • Journalisms Skills