Welcome to the world of "Eksplorasi Idea"!

The responsibility and trust bestowed upon me to lead Sekolah Tinta, a STEM school in Malaysia, is truly an honour and and will be shouldered with utmost dedication. With its unique approach of teaching and learning that goes beyond the confines of the classroom, Sekolah Tinta stands as the top choice private school for parents in Selangor and the Klang Valley who seek a holistic education for their children.

Inspired by the integration of STEM elements into every subject, students at Sekolah Tinta are not only exposed to theoretical concepts but also benefit from hands-on practical applications, making the learning experience more accessible and engaging. This is the essence of Sekolah Tinta's approach, leading the way in STEM education for a brighter future for our students.

Every educational institution undoubtedly prioritises academic excellence, and so does Sekolah Tinta. Alongside academic achievements, we also emphasise the cultivation of moral values within each student through various extracurricular activities. All our planned activities are designed to support the development of soft skills encompassing leadership, teamwork, communication, and continuous learning.

Moreover, our school community plays a crucial role in shaping the students' overall growth. Our teachers and support staff serve as positive role models, instilling a sense of character and personality in Sekolah Tinta students.

This aligns with the aspirations set by the Ministry of Education Malaysia, which envisions knowledgeable students with critical thinking skills, leadership abilities, bilingual proficiency, strong ethics, and high spiritual values, embodying compassion and a strong national identity based on the Rukun Negara principles.

I am confident that a conducive and comfortable learning environment will boost the students' enthusiasm and focus on every subject they study. Additionally, at Sekolah Tinta, we encourage students to explore their brilliant ideas and bring them to fruition through various school activities, thereby creating something meaningful for the future.

Therefore, I hope for the unwavering commitment of the entire Sekolah Tinta community – students, teachers, support staff, and parents – to support and collaborate with one another in ensuring the school's excellence. If any students, teachers, or parents wish to discuss or share any ideas, especially for the betterment of our students, I am always ready to assist and work together with all of you.

Dr. Haliza Idris

Principal of Tinta




No. 1, Jalan Kajibumi U1/70,
Temasya Niaga, Glenmarie,
40150 Shah Alam,
Selangor, Malaysia.