Open Day: A Guide for Parents

Life as a parent is a constant Parenting 101. Nothing is right. Nothing is wrong. You just have to keep on trying to do it right; for you, for your child, for your family. What could be right for you might be different for another family.

Then, as your kids grow and turn into schooling age, you see yourself into another phase – call it Parenting 201. With what you have moulded at home, now is the time to choose the RIGHT school. And you’ll start having all the mixed feelings: “Is this the best thing for my kids? Can these activities encourage my children’s skills? Will my kids get friends? Will my kids get good friends?” 

That’s why we feel you. We hear you. We are with you. We ourselves who founded the school are parents, who went through the same predicaments, same anxiousness, same curiosity. So, let us take you through a journey of finding the school that could be for your child – Sekolah Tinta!

As a parent, this is an invaluable opportunity to gain insights into our vibrant learning community and discover why our school stands out from the rest. To ensure you make the most of your visit, we have prepared a comprehensive guide with essential tips and suggestions. Time to take your pen and paper and jot down the important points!

  1. Research and Prepare

Before attending the Open Day, take some time to research Sekolah Tinta. Visit our website, read about our unique educational approach, explore the range of programs and extracurricular activities we offer, and familiarise yourself with our values and mission. This background knowledge will help you understand what makes Sekolah Tinta special and enable you to ask relevant questions during your visit.

  1. Set Expectations

Discuss with your child what they hope to gain from attending Sekolah Tinta. Encourage them to express their interests, aspirations, and any specific questions they may have. Setting expectations together will ensure that both you and your child are aligned and maximise the benefits of the Open Day visit.

  1. Plan Your Schedule

Review the Open Day itinerary provided by Sekolah Tinta and plan your visit accordingly. Take note of the specific sessions, presentations, and activities you want to attend. Arriving early and according to the time slot that you’ve registered will give you ample time to explore the campus, interact with staff members, and get a feel for the school’s atmosphere.

  1. Prepare Questions

Prepare a list of questions you would like to ask during the Open Day. This could include inquiries about the curriculum, teaching methodologies, student support services, extracurricular opportunities, or any specific concerns you may have. Our dedicated staff members will be delighted to address your queries and provide you with valuable insights.

  1. Engage and Observe

During your visit, make it a point to engage with teachers, administrators, and current students. Take the opportunity to observe classroom activities, explore facilities, and get a sense of the school’s overall environment. Pay attention to how teachers interact with students and the level of engagement within the classrooms.

  1. Take Notes and Capture Memories

Bring a notepad or use your smartphone to jot down important information, observations, and memorable moments during the Open Day. These notes will serve as a helpful reference when making a decision about your child’s educational journey.

  1. Follow-Up

After the Open Day, take the time to reflect on your experience and discuss it with your child. Review your notes, consider the information gathered, and evaluate if Sekolah Tinta aligns with your child’s needs and aspirations. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the school for any additional inquiries or clarifications that may arise.

Attending an Open Day at Sekolah Tinta is an exciting opportunity to discover the incredible educational journey that awaits your child. By researching, preparing, setting expectations, and actively engaging during your visit, you will gain valuable insights into our unique learning community. We look forward to welcoming you to Sekolah Tinta and assisting you in making an informed decision about your child’s future.

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