Sekolah Tinta’s Eco-Wudhu Team Shines at Petrosains RBTX Challenge 2024 Launch Event

SHAH ALAM, 7 MAY 2024 – Sekolah Tinta, a pioneering institution known for its innovative educational endeavours, was honoured to showcase its project at the grand launch of the Petrosains RBTX Challenge 2024. The event, hosted at Petrosains, The Discovery Centre on May 6th, 2024, welcomed Sekolah Tinta as one of the esteemed winners from the previous year, presenting their project, “Eco-Wudhu.”

The “Eco-Wudhu” initiative blends technology and religious practices for sustainability. Inspired by the Islamic tradition of Wudhu, it recycles water for watering plants and cooling, aiming to reduce waste and raise awareness about water conservation’s environmental benefits.

The Eco-Wudhu team from Sekolah Tinta garnered significant interest as they presented their project to a diverse array of attendees during the event. Sekolah Tinta took great pride in the opportunity to showcase their project to the esteemed guest of honour, Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation, YB Tuan Chang Lih Kang, who officially inaugurated the sixth Petrosains RBTX Challenge.

Intan Amirah, the esteemed mentor behind the “Eco-Wudhu” project, expressed her pride in the students’ achievements, emphasising, “Witnessing the dedication and creativity of these young minds is truly inspiring. ‘Eco-Wudhu’ transcends mere innovation; it instils values of sustainability and responsibility towards our planet. I am confident that this project will continue to yield positive impacts beyond our school.”

“We are deeply honoured to have been chosen to showcase our ‘Eco-Wudhu’ project at the Petrosains RBTX Challenge 2024 launch event,” expressed Al-Farudeen, a member of the EcoWudhu team at Sekolah Tinta. “This recognition reaffirms our dedication to fostering innovation and promoting a culture of sustainability among our students. We extend heartfelt gratitude to Petrosains for granting us this invaluable opportunity and to the Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation for his unwavering support.”

Sekolah Tinta remains committed to nurturing the spirit of innovation and environmental stewardship among its students and looks forward to continued collaboration with Petrosains and other partners to drive positive change in society.

About Sekolah Tinta:
Established in 2017, Sekolah Tinta is a model S.T.E.M school in Malaysia that offers KSSR and KSSM curriculum with full-fledged S.T.E.M program for primary and secondary students. The school celebrates ideas, technology and innovation that are inspired by the core disciplines of S.T.E.M which includes Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, alongside the human values to be applied in real life. Sekolah Tinta has collaborated with renowned S.T.E.M organisations such as MDEC, UiTM, and more.

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