ViSPA 1.0 (Virtual Students Parents Activity)

ViSPA 1.0 today runs its course as students are able to learn through games and fun activities. It is an opportunity for parents to be the teacher of the day for the students. The different approach towards learning create an active and positive learning experience for the student. Sekolah Tinta hopes the different in the approach would expand one’s view and perspective.


As Ramadan fast approach, a topic on Ramadan itself was covered today. Student were taught the dos and don’ts in Ramadan. It is serve as a reminder for the students as to what the month of Ramadan means. In another session, students were taught the basics of Japanese language. The diversification in learning indirectly also expose the students to the different culture that exist in the world.


Life experience too were shared during the session. After enjoying a day of learning, teachers, in this case, parents could not help but advice the young ones. Sekolah Tinta hopes such event would create a closer bond between the school, parents and students.



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