Sekolah Tinta 1st Graduation Day

20.03.2021 marks a special day for Tinta Alumni. It’s the day we set aside to honour our school’s senior class. Recognizing them as the pioneer of Sekolah Rendah Tinta. Here in Sekolah Rendah Tinta, acknowledging our student’s achievement is a must. Despite the fact that learning was made different last year, the students persevere and graduate with flying colours.

Special mention to Farhan Danish Bin Mohd Khairul Fauzi and Adam Bin Ridzuan who achieve academic and Co Curriculum excellence respectively. Farhan was awarded as the Tokoh Pelajar for the year 2020, having perform outstandingly in academics. Adam on the other hand, train through the ranks to gain the highest accolade, receiving blackbelt from Taekwondo Kyoro Club. Well done boys!

Graduation Day marks the end of our student’s primary school education. When one door closes, another opens. The end of the primary school education marks a new beginning. A new chapter in Secondary school life. To the graduating students, venture and explore! may Allah SWT blessings be upon you.