Organisational Skills for Students

Tend to mess up your daily routine? Too busy handling all sorts of work? Organisational skills are the one you need to master. What are the organisational skills? Sit back and keep on reading.

a.     Start with sorting

Sorting is where you start classified things into categories and into folders that share the same characteristics, or anything related. One way to help with organisational skills is where you start with sorting. Sorting out your work will ease you in the future. You can start by sorting according to the type of task needed to be done for example, practices, notes taking or anything. 

b.    Use a checklist

Another organizational skill is by using a checklist. A checklist is the most common way for us to keep our daily routine on track. We must use a checklist to view our daily tasks. This is to avoid any confusion, missing task, and uncompleted task too. 

c.     Schedule cleaning time 

Even if we did all those above things, somehow it gets tangled and too many things might need to be done at a time. Therefore, you will need to categorise the priority of certain tasks. If it is important enough and it is due soon, prioritise that one first. 

We need to be organised as much as possible as our life circulates around doing all sorts of things. At Sekolah TINTA, we trained our students to be more organised so we can keep track of their work. Interested to know more about Sekolah TINTA? Our enrolment is still up! Do visit this link for more information.