Learning Approach at Sekolah TINTA

Sekolah TINTA is a STEM-based school which offers and integrates STEM programmes with national curriculum. We apply more student-centered learning in our education system to drive the students to be more independent and be a proactive learner. Below are some of our learning approaches that we integrate in our learning. 

1.     Inquiry-Based Learning

–   Inquiry-Based Learning is a learning process that engages students by making real-world connections through exploration and high-level questioning. This type of learning triggered curiosity in each one of the students. When their mind sparks with interest, they will keep on questioning, and they will gain new information through this process.

2.     Problem-Based Learning

–   Problem-Based Learning is a student-centered approach in which students are taught about a subject by working in groups to solve an open-ended problem. The problem is what drives the motivation and the learning. At the end, problem solving skills will be enhanced in each one of the students as well. 

3.     Contextual Learning

–  Contextual Learning is a method of instruction that enables students to apply new knowledge and skills to real-life situations. We angled our educational activities to achieve the best teaching and learning outcomes for our institutions to produce great products for students in the future. 

4.     Collaborative Learning

–  Collaborative Learning involves students working together on activities or learning tasks in a group to ensure that everyone participates. It is important for everyone to contribute where they would be able to learn working in a team and enhance their teamwork skills.

5.     Project-Based Learning

–   Instructional approach designed to give students the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills through engaging projects set around challenges and problems they may face in the real world. This kind of learning will somehow set them to be more responsible towards the instructions given. 

We do use broad ways to enhance our education system to give the best learning experience for the TINTA students. We want to provide the best and yet the best for the students. What are you waiting for? Come and join us to be a part of TINTA students! CLICK HERE.



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