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Welcome to TINTA Little Tinkers, where learning meets fun for your little ones! Our program is designed to provide an unforgettable educational journey that blends coding with essential skills in reading, writing, and arithmetic.

But that’s not all – we’re dedicated to instilling Islamic values and virtues through engaging digital methods. By combining the best of both worlds – traditional and digital learning – we’re committed to nurturing well rounded children who are eager to explore, create, and succeed.


To nurture young children with tinkering minds and prepare them for the next level of education while fostering a strong foundation in core subjects and technology.

Step into the fascinating world of tinkering, where curiosity sparks innovation and exploration reigns supreme! At the heart of STEM education, tinkering invites hands-on adventure, where budding scientists deconstruct, reconstruct, and elevate ideas with boundless creativity.

Fueled by curiosity, tinkerers embark on a journey of critical thinking and problem solving, unravelling the mysteries of our world while honing essential 21st-century skills. With each experiment, learners not only grasp STEM principles but also cultivate adaptability and ingenuity, preparing them to flourish in today’s dynamic technological landscape.


Gated and Guarded Place

Qualified and Dedicated Educators

Innovative Curriculum

STEM-based Learning

Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

Islamic Values and Virtues

Technology Integration

Character Building

Soft-skills Development

Little Tinkers, BIG IDEAS!


At TINTA Little Tinkers, we're thrilled to offer a truly unique educational adventure that blends the magic of coding with the timeless wonders of literacy and numeracy!

Step into our world where creativity meets problem-solving, and every discovery sparks joy. With personalised learning experiences, we'll unlock your child's potential, crafting a journey filled with excitement and growth.

Come be a part of our vibrant community, where learning knows no bounds and every moment is brimming with possibility!


At TINTA Little Tinkers, we're passionate about sparking curiosity and igniting creativity at every age! That's why we've crafted our coding programs with care, blending fun and learning to introduce young minds to the exciting world of technology.

Through interactive games and activities, we make coding an adventure, helping kids develop problem-solving skills, logic, and boundless imagination. It's not just about preparing for the future; it's about nurturing a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

Let’s begin this journey of discovery and empowerment, where every child can flourish in the ever-changing wonders of technology!


At TINTA Little Tinkers, we're all about building a strong educational journey that starts with the basics and blooms into boundless possibilities!

Alongside our exciting coding programs, we treasure the magic of literacy and numeracy. From storytelling adventures to number games, we tailor every activity to suit each child's unique style, making learning a joyous exploration. Together, we're laying the groundwork for confidence and success, one captivating lesson at a time.

Join our warm and welcoming community, where learning feels like an adventure and every milestone is celebrated with joy!



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