Closing Ceremony of Festival Sukan Norma Baharu 2021


SHAH ALAM, 1 Sep 2021 (Wednesday) – The Festival Sukan Norma Baharu has come to a close. During these past 28 days, we have witnessed students from a variety of backgrounds reach new heights together and connect through sports. 

Muhamad Hafizi Mihzan Bin Zaidon, Principal of Sekolah Tinta in his closing speech said, the theme sehati jiwa” was created to involve the students, parents and teachers in creating a positive environment. This effort is part of the school initiative in ensuring that our students, even though are not able to attend school, find joy and excitement in sports. He further adds “Festival Sukan Norma Baharu has seen its implementation for the second year running. Last year, with the obstacles and limited resources at our disposal, the school developed activities hoping to encourage students and the school community to be active in sports.” 

In line with the Olympic values of balanced development of body, will and mind. Sekolah Tinta fully supports the initiative by incorporating it in our school program, in this case, active participation in sports. Even if we may not be together, we manage to create and share the same moment, and that is something that we will never forget. 

Prof Dato Dr Shamala Subramaniam, Vice President, Olympic Council of Malaysia in her congratulatory remark said, “The past year sees activities worldwide put to a stop, the importance of sports became more significant when the Olympic Games were held during the pandemic last month. It manages to unite people and bring society together to another level.”

Citing Sekolah Tinta as an exemplary school due to its unique planning and execution of activities in which are able to combine the effort of staff, parents and sports organizations such as the Olympic Council of Malaysia. 

The closing ceremony marks the end of the Festival Sukan Norma Baharu 2021. The festival has and will provide us with food for thought about diversity and inclusiveness as we continue on for the rest of the year.


The closing ceremony was represented by:

Zaliza Binti Alias, Chief Executive Officer, GAINS Education Group

Prof. Dato’ Dr. Shamala Subramaniam, Vice President, Olympic Council of Malaysia

Muhamad Hafizi Mihzan Bin Zaidon, Principal, Sekolah Tinta

Noor Hamimi Kamaruddin, Program Manager, Sekolah Tinta

Mohamed Fathi Bin Kamel, Head Coach, Sekolah Tinta

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About Sekolah Tinta

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Sekolah Tinta is the first Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), Islamic, fully taught in dual language in Malaysia that inculcated KSSR curriculum KSSM curriculum. Boasting strategic partnerships with MDEC for My Digital Hub Project, UM Mummies Lab, Leave a Nest Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. and PETROSAINS representative in the Board of Studies, Sekolah Tinta practically raised the bar higher as an exemplar for full-fledged STEM education at school. From its establishment in 2018, Sekolah Tinta recorded more than 100% increase in student population and continues to provide solutions to innovative, affordable, balanced education programmes and development that encompasses spiritual, literacy and real-life application.


About Olympic Council of Malaysia

On 13th November 1953, the Federation of Malaya Olympic Council (FMOC) being the forerunner to the Olympic Council of Malaysia was registered under the Societies Act as a volunteer based, non-profit and non-government organization. The FMOC held its first meeting on 24th April 1954. The FMOC then invited all National Sport Associations to become members so they could participate in multi-sports events. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) officially recognized the FMOC on 26th May 1954. With the formation of Malaysia, the FMOC changed its name to the Olympic Council of Malaysia at its EGM held on 5th May 1964. In April 1972, its name was translated into Malay Language as “Majlis Olimpik Malaysia” (MOM).


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