What is schooling to you? Is it about Education or Experience?

In SEKOLAH TINTA, schooling is all about both, experiencing education through lots and lots of hands-on Exploration!!

Just as Einstien put it – “Education is what’s left after you have forgotten everything you learned at school”. It is the experience that makes you remember everything, and lovin’ it!

Schooling is never the same again when you have experienced SEKOLAH TINTA.

Grab the chance to be at  Sekolah Tinta’s OPEN DAY next Saturday 8th January 2022.

Let’s explore our spacious, modern, conducive, clean, and safe learning environment through a school tour, to join some activities, and to talk to members of the school community who will be happy to answer any questions you may have

Visits are by appointment only so wait no more!

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