2020 will always be remembered as a series of tragic events with the worst pandemic the world has seen in more than a century. Many were affected worldwide. Schools were instructed to closedown to avoid the spreading of the virus. With little to no bandwidth, no prior training and little preparations, the sudden shift away from classroom dampen the effectiveness of learning at early stage. If nothing else, 2020 has been a teacher or sorts for many of us. It has taught us that no matter how powerful we may be, we can be brought to our knees by the smallest of creations. It taught us to appreciate the little things around us. But in the midst of the tragedies there was courage, there was grace, there was sacrifice, there was hope, there were those faced with the very worst rising up to be their very best. We welcome 2021 with optimism, strong faith and better preparations. With the full backing of the Board of Directors, a dynamic principal spearheading the organisation and the collective effort of dedicated teachers sees the expansion of Tinta pendidikan Sdn Bhd from its early establishment in 2018. 20.01.2021 was the first day of school for Tinta students. It also marks the inaugural launch of Sekolah Menengah Tinta. It was a day when everyone got together, hand in hand, rise up to watch the first morning assembly of the year, despite it being done virtually. It was seen as the moment of excitement for everyone. As we move forward, it is important that we reflect and improve. In all, it is our responsibility to provide the best education for our children. Whatever happens, WE WILL NOT GIVE IN!  Let’s together bid FAREWELL TO 2020 AND SAY HELLO TO 2021 WITH FULL ENTHUSIASM! GOOD BYE 2020! HELLOOO 2021!   US